R.I.P. Chateau Lambda Mouse
PITTSBURGH -- Rodent A. Smith, died September 23, 2004, after a short but valiant fight against its unwilling oppressor, Albert Du aka Mass Debator. Jason Chew aka Chlamydia was the grave digger.

Born in Pittsburgh, PA he grew up and lived most of his life in the city of Pittsburgh. He established his residence in the house known as Chateau Lambda. Seen from time to time strolling from Chewy's closet to the second floor bathroom, he once terrorized Chewy who was in the process of using the toilet. Last seen in the bedroom of Mass, he became infamous with his daredevil theatrics, taunting the likes of Terry Kong aka Playskool on more than one occassion by jumping on his foot and running away with the quickness. He ultimately passed away in the rear bedroom when he was caught in a sticky mouse trap set-up by the hunter, Chewy.

There are no known survivors.
May he rest in peace.