In & Out Dreams
I know exactly why I had this dream. Before going off to bed, I had spoken to Joe, who had just recently visited the West Coast for the first time, and Rich who had just arrived home in San Francisco from his trip to Japan.

So the dream was of some brothers and the LHS crew, and for some reason Carrie was there too. We were in a hotel and everyone left before I did to go eat at the nearby In & Out. I don't remember the exact details, but when I finally got there, it took forever for my food to be ready. Everyone else had finished eating and were waiting on me to get my food so that we could move on with the night's itinerary. Carrie got all upset and was giving the people behind the counter a hard time. And then I woke up... I must say though, that In & Out was the classiest burger joint I've ever been to.

I don't know what the point of the dream was, except it tied in with my experience at Popeye's when the bros. brought all the rushees there to eat, and Cunning's order (which included my two cinnamon apple pies) took forever to be processed. Cunning was the one giving the workers there a hard time at that point... weird dreams. But see how it all ties together?