Driving events galore...
Range Rover Event pw: Inspire
8/1 9:45am New Jersey
Received an invitation through snail mail. But the password is pretty generic so I guess it went out to a lot of people. Sign up and have fun! Bryant and I are going on the date posted.

Lexus Taste of Luxury
They will send out invites to those without confirmation numbers. Sign up on the linked page. For the NJ location, it occurs the same weekend as the Ride and Drive event below.

Ride and Drive
9/11 9am Philadelphia
Another free event. But it's a little far, and it's on 9/11 so I don't know if I'll show up. Anyway you get to compare a few different cars, looking forward to the Subaru.

There is also a BMW Ultimate Drive Event, but they have your name and address in a database they check to verify that you did in fact receive an invitation in the mail. I had an invitation and they still gave me an attitude when I called up to confirm. Let me know if you REALLY want to go, I might be able to bring you as a guest.