GPimp! GMail come read all about it!
Update: After reading GMail Swap Challenge, aside from close friends and the people I have already promised an invitation too, all future invitations will either be sent over or will be exchanged for a community service pledge. So if you would like a GMail account go do some good in the community and I'll gladly send you one, friend, stranger or foe.

I've been a GMail pimp as of late (title courtesy of Sam). Getting my invitations in batches of 2, 3, 3, 5, 5, 5 so far, I've been doing my best to get rid of the invitations as quickly as possible.

Don't know what all the hoop-la is about? Read this well reearched Forbes article. Through the article, I found out about GMailSwap which I might eventually use when I run out of friends and associates to send these invitations to.

If I know you and would like an account, just leave your name and email with me and I'll add you to the list. For the strangers out there, you can try your luck at GMailSwap above or at GotGMail? and Power2People. Finally you can just wait till July 4th when they will officially roll out the service (unconfirmed).

I also noticed in the article that Google is based in Mountain View. That's where I stayed during my last few days in California (Rich's apartment)!