Girls > Guys?
No disrepecting the guys and all, but ladies seem to have it together when it comes to teamwork. I'll use a Greek life example here because it's the easiest one to think of where organizations are drawn on gender lines. It seems like the sororities are always more organized, structured and more productive as a group than the fraternities. I'm not saying that they can always do more than a group of guys, but that the work is usually spread out pretty evenly. I attribute it to the fact that females are more affected emotionally, perhaps guilt bothers ladies more than guys. And because of the guilt, everyone pitches in and does their part. Am I just being naive here?

The Monster House Surfer Girl House episode was on recently, watching the all female team work together so fluidly, I'm envious. But did they get preferential treatment? I believe so. Where were the railings for the life guard tower house? PCTM. It gets to the best of us. Heh, I also learned of a new term. Apparently in Michigan, the nickname for plumbers = turd herders.