Thinkpad T42 23733VU
China = leaving my desktop machine behind. Goodbye to the multi-monitor displays and unending supply of ram (or so you would think). Since my Portege 2000 won't cut it when it comes to graphics work I'm in need of a replacement. Because of the price premiums for Thinkpads, I was about to go for a Powerbook, but thankfully...

Bill from Thinkpads.com saved me from jumping ship to the Mac side. I'm going to put in an order for the Thinkpad T42 23733VU at a ~28% discount from the list price!

update: My parents heard that I was going to get a new laptop and since they knew I didn't want a graduation party they decided to hook me up with this. SWEEEEEET =D. So Chad get's an M3... and I get a laptop? Hahahah I kid... I kid... everyday is Christmas in the Chan household.