Marching on...
People have been asking me what lies ahead now that I'm five years older and $200,000 in the hole. Career wise, I'm drawing a blank other than the fact that it won't be architecture.

I do know what I will be doing in the near future though. This weekend, I'll be in Philadelphia for 10 Year and Wizard World. By Tuesday I'll be in San Francisco for convention. Following that, I'm hoping to secure that summer internship at Wizard and then it is off to Shanghai for a year of study and touring. My uncle (and father) are heading back to China again tomorrow. He's been trying to convince me to study in Beijing as well, so maybe after Shanghai, I may spend a year in Beijing and then come back fully 'fobbed' out.

By 2008, I want to volunteer for the Olympics there. Who knows, if NYC secures their bid for the 2012 games, I'll follow the games back to the states. The design entries for the Olympic Village in Queens look okay, check them out.

What are your plans?