In California!
Update: After two weeks in the sun and traffic of California, I'm back in Pittsburgh. There is much to recap, but I'll leave most of the details to Sam's Xanga.

Convention was pretty good. The meetings were well attended, elections was packed with great candidates. And the alumni and active networking sessions were very informative. I got to meet a lot of OGs that were leading very interesting lives following their active service. I also have a lead on Mister Craig Ishigo's whereabouts and contact information for Randy Salacup! Finally our lineage trace is making some headway.

The highlight of my west coast experience was the roadtrip down to LA and back with Sam, and the Upsilon brothers: Waldo, Rotunda and McPho. Laughter in the car was incessant, usually at the expense of Sam or McPho.

Anyway for anyone touring California the number one site-seeing tour I would recommend is to drive down the Pacific Coast Highway (linked below). If only for the first leg to Half Moon Bay, it's worth it! California offers a lot, the great weather, great food (except Chinese food which is awful), Fry's Electronics, the kick ass mountains and forests (makes for a lot of fun driving down the small roads), and the friendly & beautiful women (that are sometimes a little dense =P). However I found myself homesick a week and a half into my trip. California, especially LA is a little too extravagant. Houses are huge, the cars are unbelievable and all that makes me a little sick. My problems with California? Where are the recycle bins in California? Do the health and body conscious people of Cali not believe in recycling? The traffic would drive anyone mad, especially the plethora of people who do not understand that the left lane is for passing. Then there's the weird yellow grass... I felt like I was on some alien planet.

Thanks to all the brothers in the West Coast for their hospitality. Therapy for letting CMU crash at his place for the entire time and driving everyone around. Sorry for ruining your unbelievably huge house. Pacemaker for driving everyone around. Lion-O for letting us crash at his place during our first night in LA. X-Fade for driving us around the area and hosting us for a few days and also for hooking me up with City of Heroes! Irvine lil sis Felicia for driving us around LA and giving Sam a ride back up to NorCal. McPho for taking us around the Irvine area and upping Waldo's PCTM. Delta chapter for giving me a place to stay on my last night in California. Also thanks to Erika for bringing us to that awesome crepes place. And to Rich and his girlfriend Candy for hosting me the last few days in NorCal!

Crepe Vine
City Scapes and Public Places
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Cartoon Art Museum of San Francisco
Alcatraz Island
Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco Chinatown
Union Square
Fisherman's Wharf
Pier 39
Lombard, the "Crookedest" Street

Pacific Coast Highway
Half Moon Bay
Monterey Peninsula
In-N-Out Burger
Jamba Juice

University of California at Irvine
Venice Boardwalk
Little Saigon
Hollywood Walk of Fame
Mulholland Drive
Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles