In California... so far so good.

Currently crashing @ Therapy's house along with five other bros. First time in NorCal and I've been to In-N-Out twice already. Weather is gorgeous, people seem friendly, there's no reason why I shouldn't move out here...

Tau Chapter's 10 year this past weekend (see photo) was fun. Can't believe the OG's killed us in football. Other than that, it was really nice to be able to put names with faces. I finally met my PD's big!

During that same weekend I volunteered at Wizard World Philadelphia. It was a fun experience, and also the first time I've been to a comic book convention in years. The fan boys still have their funky smell and the industry looks pretty strong. Apparently the first guy on line was there at midnight. We didn't open the doors until 10am.

I kind of miss home. Didn't have a chance to finish setting up my room. Left it in such a mess. It's nagging me.