Honda SH-AWD

VTEC.net offers a comprehensive article on the upcoming Acura RL/Honda Legend's Super Handling All-Wheel-Drive system (who gets paid to come up with these ridiculous names and acronyms?). In essence it is basically an evolutionary step up from the MDX/Pilot's VTM-4 system (same mechanical system but with changes to allow for the left <=> right torque distribution). To get a better understanding of the system, you can view a video here.

From the way it works, it looks similar to the STi and LanEvo's AWD systems. Both are able to divy up the torque between the front and rear axle as well as left and right wheels through their limited slips. The Honda system is unable to divy up the power on the front axle, but in the rear axle it has an electric motor to provide more power to the outer rear wheel in a turn.

Oh and the concept sketches don't look too bad. Wish I was able to go back home next week so I could attend the NY Autoshow. Sounds like a lot of companies will be making some big headlines.