It's gonna be a white Christmas!
Merry Christmas Eve! Anyone want to go caroling tonight? It's going to be a white Christmas, it should be snowing at around midnight!

What are you guys getting for Christmas? Tomo got a new Powerbook. My Mongoose should be here tomorrow! It left the Columbus, Ohio Fedex sorting facility at 11:06pm!

Update: I'm digging the Solution aside from the annoying sticky residue leftover from the decals I peeled off, anyone have a tube of goo-gone? Rode around as much as I could Friday afternoon after putting it together during studio. Things to note, two piece handlebars still suck, bear-trap pedals are scary, tires won't last through the summer, brakes need some work, and I need new grips and a decent lock. Cranks are already loose from one day of riding, I don't ever remember this being a problem back in high school. I'll post some photos after I break it in a little more. Rain, rain, go away, come again another day.

Update 2: Apparently Vtouch is feeling the love from Santa as well! Congratulations! Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

Update 3: Screw it, rain and loose cranks... I need to ride now! Peace!

Update 4: DAMN, the cranks are REALLY LOOSE! Brakes are squeaking now too, need to toe them tomorrow as well as tighten the cranks whenever woodshop opens.