Dragon's Sacrifice
I caught an episode of Knights of the Zodiac (Saint Seiya) tonight. The episode's title was Dragon's Sacrifice, the most memorable episode I watched as a wee lad. It was actually so shocking emotionally that it was forever ingrained in my mind and made Shiryu (the Dragon Bronze Warrior) my favorite character.

In this episode, they fought a warrior, Argol, who had in his posession, Medusa's Shield. Utilizing the shield, Argol turned many of the heroes into statues (building off the ancient powers of Medusa). In the end, Shiryu was the only one left. He tried fighting Argol by covering his eyes with cloth but the Medusa's powers ripped through it. He then tried looking into his own shield's reflection but that failed after Argol turned Shiryu's arm and shield into stone. He was left with no other course of action but to blind himself. Permanently.

Imagine watching this as a kid, someone blinding himself to save his comrades. It was such an admirable display of self sacrifice, I feel every child should be exposed to it. Sadly, Cartoon Network chose to censor that portion of the episode. How sad, when you can watch other cartoon characters run over each other with lawn mowers or hit each other with mallets but not see an act like this, the best of what humanity can offer. It just reminds me that no matter how much you give or suffer, there will always be someone out there that has given more or had it worse than you. You can learn or feel so much from the oddest sources.