Chan Origins
On a whim, I conducted a search on the history behind my surname, Chan.

Nationmaster's Encyclopedia has a great explanation of Chinese surnames. When romanized Chan can be written a number of ways including: Chen, Cheng, Chern, Chun, Tran, Tan, and Ding. According to various sources, it is either the second or fifth most popular surname among the Chinese and isthe name of the royal family named after the 'Awarded Land'. I'm not sure how to read this particular site, Yutopian, but their research indicates the surname, Chan, first appeared in 2,255 B.C. It came from the last name Gui which in turn was derived from Shun Di. According to this site, the place of origin is Zhang Ge of Henan Province.

Sadly the history behind my surname is unbelievably boring. Anyone have a more interesting story to tell?