Volo Vincere...
Congratulations to the Livingston Lancers, Iron Hills Conference 2004 Champions. Tight match at 36-35 but Randolph's always tough. Back in the day the Randolph Rams were almost untouchable, came close during my sophomore year losing by a match, but we never did beat them during my four years in high school. Quick synopsis from another article:

"Livingston and Randolph had a nice scramble last night in Livingston for the Iron Hills Conference championship. Mike Donohue and Ken Goldfarb got it done in a big spot and Jake Devlin battled off his back against Tony Margve to avoid a pin and save the day for Livingston. Nice to see Pat Trabucco giving back to the sport. The bearded three-time state place-winner, Trabucco, is now a Livingston assistant, giving strong advise alongside outstanding mentor Bob Keenan. Livingston is 14-1 now, having lost only to No. 2 Kitttatinny.

How great is North Jersey, Section 2, Group 3? For Livingston to make the trip to Trenton this time, they'll have to beat No. 4 South Plainfield and possibly No. 10 Phillipsburg. Hello. "Hey, we want to wrestle the best," Keenan said. "Matches like that will make us better as a team and our wrestlers better when the state tournament (individual portion) begins."

During winter break I was a little worried, practices didn't seem as intense as they were during the old days, but there's a trend here. When the old alumns came to practice with us during the late 90's they were always bruisers and tough as hell. I guess as the years have gone by, Livingston has gone from low skilled bruisers to more skilled and slicker wrestlers. Some of the guys like Donohue are still tough as nails though.

Only one time in my life when I could look to my left and right and have no doubts that the guys standing with me gave it there all. Volo Vincere.