Snake Eyes

Procrastinating from my mid-semester crit work. While waiting for Form-Z to unsuccessfully reduce the number of polygons in my mesh terrain model, I took out some paper and a pencil to draw. I haven't drawn with a pencil in so long, it feels... almost weird.

This drawing of Snake Eyes is dedicated to Playskool, the silent brother that comes and goes =T. He changed his profile photo to some other ninja, I believe that's Ninja Gaiden. But I digress, Snake Eyes is still the 'coolest' ninja out there. I miss drawing organic forms... superheroes, the stuff I grew up with. I was so inspired back then to draw everyday. These days everytime I whip out a pen I cringe while I draw my 'architectural' diagrams.

After five years of schooling I feel that I've regressed in many areas. I can't write as well as I did in the past, I'm not as articulate, and I can't draw as well. Overall it just feels as though my mind has slowed down... wonder if it has anything to do with all those all-nighters/late-nights.

Last night I finished up my cover letter for Wizard Enterprises. Hopefully I'll be offered an internship this summer. No pay, but that's what happens when supply outstrips demand. It's probably every fanboy's dream to work for Marvel or DC, and now Image and Wizard. Comics bring back so many fond memories, the good old days, no worries, just countless hours reading through my monthly stash of comics. Now, there are deadlines after deadlines, credit card bills, cell phone bills and more, but at least Jim Lee is drawing again. *applause*

So... back to work. Mind numbing, torturous architectural work. Maybe I can wow the people at the crit with a Lee inspired 'hyper-realistic' Batman perched on top of my yet to be designed buildings...