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Lunar Gala 2004 is FINALLY OVER! My fifth and final one... what a difference moving from dancer to committee. First off, apologies to all the viewers for starting the show late, to those (most of you including the Lunar Gala committee itself) who were unable to get into the after party. That was totally my fault, should have seen it coming and gone for a larger venue. To the committee for my lack of participation, missed deadlines (plenty of them) and lackluster excitement for the show (though I really dug it in the end). And to Mass, Patty and all the helpers who were bitched at by various people and were overall not treated right.

Special thank-you's to the committee for their vision. Never saw what everyone, especially the producers, were gunning for until this past week. Can't believe we pulled it off, though we are now in crazy debt. To the MVP Tomo for making LG fun and doing everything, jack of all trades. To Rie for putting up with all my shit, don't know how you managed to do it though. To Jeremy, Patrick, and Kohta for their digital video skills. To all the helpers who helped pull the show together at the end especially my bro Mass. To the designers who pulled off some wicked designs this year (actually loved every section, first time!), the models for taking the hits (LG Linebacker!) and damnit to the dancers who kicked some serious ass. Damn you Sam! And thank you everyone for coming! I know it was expensive $13!!! But I hope you guys got an eyeful =D.

To Sergio and Bea, thank you a-hole's for the rose and chocolate and reminding me once again that I'll be spending Valentine's Day alone! >=[. Oh well, it's been what seven years now? Used to it... ain't no thing. Now for bed so I can start on the APA Pageant stuff tomorrow morning.