Has Greek life lost its meaning?
On the eve of my fraternity's founding date, Greek life, especially Asian-interest Greek life is in a precarious situation. I can't speak for the founders of the various Greek houses but I'm sure things have strayed from the original ideals. One of my pet peeves have always been parties and more significantly party flyers. It's hard to achieve a critical mass to discuss various issues without throwing alcohol or females in the mix. Whatever happened to making an impact on campus life or the nearby community? Asian-interest Greek life doesn't matter because we haven't done anything to garner attention. Black-interest Greek organizations played a huge role in fending off racism and keeping students in school. They earned respect through their involvement in the community with their after school programs and philantropy. Asian-interest Greeks? We haven't even taken a step in that direction.

Anyway back to my original purpose for this post. Exhibit A: αΚΔΦ ECSC flyer. The following statements are directed to EVERYONE, including my own brothers. It just so happens that this flyer put me over the edge. I hate it when designers place scandalous females on their flyers. This particular one was done by or at least approved by a sister. Does anyone not see what is wrong with the tag line "featuring hundreds of sisters from the nation's largest Asian-interest sorority?" I understand the sisters want brothers from the various fraternities to come down and have a good time, but selling your own sisters as sex objects? I'm not even reading heavily into this, a half naked female on the flyer and the tag line what are people supposed to think? It's disgusting...