Halfway there...
Computer Modeling III Final Project
CMU Lambdas r2.91 (sort of)
CMU Lambdas Rush
Mr. Fraternity
Lunar Gala 2004: Alter the Real
Asian Heritage Week
Asian Diversity (up in the air)
Bryant's Project
Howard's Project
ASA Booth
Work/internship/post graduation

I'm glad Mr. Fraternity is over... I have no stage presence at all. Special thanks to Bea and ΚΑΘ for organizing Mr. Fraternity once again. Props to Sergio and Jake for scavenging through Wean Hall for the computer parts. To Jake again for lending me his old Micron desktop for the talent portion and for staying up till 4am on two nights building the Computer/Samurai costume with me. To Simi my Theta helper, to Jessica my escort, Chewy who came in at the last minute to try to save the talent portion and to all the brothers that showed up. Next?