Asian Heritage Week...
This evening, I was notified by Carrie (Lunar Gala co-producer) that Kate (University Center Administration) had told them recently that all of Lunar Gala's Rangos reservations were cancelled for the week of February 15th. That means four groups are currently WITHOUT rooms for their Asian Heritage Week events.

I feel like a total ass right now, my own fraternity doesn't have a room for the APA Pageant, SPICMACAY and ARCC who are throwing events costing them a few thousand do not have rooms either. I should have requested for the rooms to be transferred over to me, but I thought we could just keep it under Lunar Gala and use them when AHW came around.

At a total loss right now. I sent Kate an email, I've looked for other rooms (none of them can replace Rangos) there's no where for me to go. Just two weeks to plan and I can't even handle it. Damnit I'm the worst Asian Heritage Week coordinator ever. %*@)$&@$ I feel like I'm caught somewhere between a rock and a hard place. Meeting with Kate tomorrow morning hope we can sort things out then.