The Winamp 5.0 beta totally rocks!

Xi Chapter rocks too! Had a great time this weekend up in Michigan, people can't even imagine the hospitality they showed Tomo and I. Brothers there are mad chill, their house is huge, the school rocks, where the hell are my transfer papers? Much love. Oh and check out this dance crew in Michigan called Funktion, Steve sent me one of their videos a while back, turns out Loophole is in the group.

I still hate Architecture by the way... in case I haven't stated that recently. Check out these funny responses to the harsh criticism that is usually dealt out during the juries.

Another thing that got me worked up a bit. I'm not sure why, maybe because I have pride in the US of A and these bastards are stating something that may be true. So yeah the US may be wrong, but that doesn't make all the bullshit that's happening in North Korea right.