...architectural education tends to breed excessive competition, ego inflation, poor physical and emotional maintenance, insecurity, and procrastination...

Matrix Revolutions spoilers! No not officially, but this guy's take on the final installment of the trilogy is very interesting and from all the details he covers, it's very possible!

So I've had the Philips HDD100 mp3 player (photos, review) for quite some time now, it works... does what it is supposed to, but it's not impressive. It freezes more often than not requiring a total shut down, which I'm sure will be worked out by the time it hits the stands. But the more I fool around with it, the bulkier it gets. I guess I'm just spoiled by my old MD players which are about 1/3 of the size, maybe even a 1/4 since they were much thinner. If Philips prices it right I think it can steal some sales away from the popular iPOD. But both of them have to watch out for Toshiba's iPOD killer, the Gigabeat G20.

And for people like Gameboy who want solid state MP3 players so they can listen to music while working out, Creative has released the MuVo 2.

Last bit of gadgetry... SE is releasing some new phones, more importantly they are clamshell phones which I kind of like. The Z600 looks like a nice replacement for my T68. Or should I go with the T616?

Dilbert is over in Japan now for a year teaching English. Looks like a fun time, anyone want to try to get into the program with me? They pay about $36 grand a year after taxes, I think boarding is supplied and is done all through the Japanese government so all benefits apply! Check here and here for more information on the Jet program. Oh and if you haven't noticed, Dilbert is leasing a r33 Skyline! Check his Xanga out.

More car stuff! More information on the Acura TL here and here. Back is so disgustingly ugly, lower half of the front could use some work. Overall the TSX looks a lot better since it's pretty sharp all over, Acura tried adding some round edges to the TL and that just made it a little chubbier. G35 sedan's AWD has also been confirmed.

This guy is awesome...