Let the refining and improving of your own life keep you so busy that you have little time to criticize others.

The 2003-04 academic year is almost upon us and still so much to do before it begins. Tomorrow is going to be nice relaxing day though. Heading up to Ardsley, NY to see the Yee family with my sister and childhood friend Susan. Back when I was a young one, Holly and Tong Yee would take my brother, Susan and I up to the house Holly grew up in and we'd have a ball. Wide open acres of land, a pool, an awesome house to explore and the entire family was so welcoming. All of them had a big impact on my childhood. So it's time to repay them by providing the same for their children =D. Santa Claus will be paying them a visit tomorrow... in the middle of summer.

I've been back for a week and haven't had the chance to really partake in any submission bouts with my hometown friends. Shane did send me this awesome site where you can download clips though. Check the clip of Genki Sudo. Ran into a few high school friends. Justin Lee graduated Harvard, going to Tufts medical school now. Getting married in a year and a half =0. DYAM! Also saw Joe Yang, Joe D., Jay Chan, Tommy Krueger among others. Weird that it's already been four years since I've graduated high school. Heard that the Devlins tore down their gym/mat house and are building a new structure in the back of their house... possibly starting their own submission school!

Finally, no entry is complete without a paragraph regarding car news. The Mazda Rev It Up session was okay today. I liked the C-Spot by MB more. Saw some bros there, Skid and Fozzie from Bing and Bangkok from NYU. Also saw Jonlin with his friends.

Okay, I lied, there's gonna be two paragraphs related to cars, and this second one is gonna be juicy. New Acura TL, badass. Still looks bland like all Acuras but the interior looks a lot nicer than the G35. So will the G35 get AWD or no? I heard no, now the forums are saying the sedan will be getting it this winter. In other news, looks like the Q45 may be phased out replaced by an updated M45... only to be reintroduced after a few years. They may also offer AWD across the line up.