More than meets the eye!

BT-01 Smokescreen
Feat Impreza WRC 2003

I've fallen in love! For those of you not in the know, the Binaltech line (Alternators in the states) is a new line of Transformer toys, featuring G1 style, but much more poseable. And to make it that much sweeter for me, the model mentioned above is a new character, Smokescreen, based on the Subaru Impreza! Check out the following photos of the actual toy: photo1, photo2, photo3. Here's a photo of my all time favorite character, Soundwave (maybe they should update him, perhaps to an MP3 player, make the little guys out of compact flash cards). And lastly, let's not forget the all mighty leader Optimus Prime (20th Anniversary figure).

For your reading pleasure, go to TFArchive, under Visions of Cybertron there are some great pieces to read!

Spider-Man 2 is already looking better than the first one. Doctor Octopus is looking like a total bad ass. The mechanical arms of his looks really Matrix like.

Another article to read, but this time about Friendster (for those of you not on it already).

And moving on to some hate, check out these two haters writing about us, hater1, hater2.