Life is like music; it must be composed by ear, feeling, and instinct, not by rule.

Ahhh, look what Chewy found! Talking Squirt, perfect thing to complement my talking Stitch!

Car news, ML320's MB emblem was ripped off the truck, a new one costs $55. My mother wants to trade it in if we do buy another car because we've been having so much trouble with our German vehicles. How many times must I tell people that German cars aren't worth the money? Unless of course you are actually one of those types that push the performance of the cars... Having second thoughts about the Range Rover as well. Maybe the Land Cruiser or something will do.

In other news, finally got that Philips mp3 player today. I'll post photos when I get my camera (sent it home to Jersey). It was shipped from HK, which explains the delivery time. First impressions, it's a lot thicker than I imagined it to be. The software should have included something like Tag and Rename which I had to go find on my own. Now I'm going through my entire collection of 8000 songs and editing their file names and ID tags. Here's a small shot of the player sitting next to my phone and mouse.

Updated the WHO and WHERE page as well. Playskool, curious as to what I did with your room?