It is only when they go wrong that machines remind you how powerful they are.

Ping-Pong the Matrix way. WOAH Awesome video of some Japanese improv show. Download the file in non-streaming format or streaming format.

Six in the morning, it feels good being back in Jersey. House has gone through some minor redecoration. For the first time ever in this house, we have Cable TV! And not just basic cable, it's digital cable! My god... I'm at a loss for words. Hey maybe next time when I come back, we'll even have broadband. You know, in the current Forbes issue, there's an article about how wired South Korea is. You know every house in Korea basically has access to a pipe that boasts 4x the bandwidth of a T1 line? Whereas a T1 line would cost us over $600 a month, South Koreans pay $39 a month for 4x the bandwidth. Another $39 for them nets them a pipe that would cost over $2500 in the US.

In other news, according to the new AutoSpies, the next generation Acura TL will have available, a high performance track model sporting not only a 6-speed, but an AWD derived from the VTM-4. Does it make sense that the G35's from Infiniti will not be getting the AWD system already available in Japan? Technology is available, and already produced in that model, yet they won't bring it to the US. Bad mistake...

Happy Birthday Sam "BlueBallz" Byun (today! 7-11, the stores are giving out free slurpees to the first 1000 customers). Also a happy birthday to Jay Wang tomorrow and Caine from Alpha Alpha on Sunday. Busy weekend!