A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend upon the support of Paul.

National Do Not Call Registry is live, register to prevent telemarketers from ever bothering you again! Onto a similar topic, with Verizon dropping its opposition to cell-number portability, come November 24th, we may be able to switch carriers and retain our number!

Recently I've been contemplating what I'll be doing with my life after I graduate from CMU. So far, my three options are to attend Cornell for Hotel Administration, attend Shanghai University to brush up on my Chinese before working there, or to get on the Real World =D. Oh and for all you high school graduates, ever consider taking a gap year before attending college? Sam and I have spoken about our college education briefly, and for me personally, I've felt that I have wasted my college years academically. I should have pursued other interests until I was mature enough to learn. Some of the upcoming freshman class are pretty gung-ho about CMU, they've even started their own little blog ring.

Brother recently got a Mazda6, I was able to get it for $300 under invoice (second lowest I've seen the car go for according to the forums). Click here and here to see photos of cars similar to the one my brother got. Lazy bastard is too lazy to take any of his own photos.

Now with that purchase out of the way, it's time to concentrate on taking advantage of Section 179. In short, if you own a business, you can purchase an SUV and write it off as long as it is over 6,000 lbs. For more information on this tax break, consult the following resources:
-Pros and Cons of New Tax Loophole
-A Hummer of a tax break for business drivers
-Vehicles that qualify for generous tax break
-A Fatter Deduction For Fatter Cars
-Save up to $35,000 on a new SUV
-The Shocking Tax Benefits Of Section 179
-Club Lexus Forums: Summary

So what do you guys think? How about the new Range Rover? Looks pretty good in black, white or silver. And according to a recent issue of AutoSpies, it looks as though a $4,000 rebate is available.

Over to the electronics portion of my post, the Philips HDD100 still hasn't arrived yet. I just hope no one jacked it from the mail. Started research on a home theatre system for my parents. Haven't received many responses from the AVS Forum or the Home Theater Forum. Keep you all posted on how it goes.

Happy July 4th, and props to the Psi Chapter brothers for being so hospitable to the CMU brothers and friends. A bunch of us went up to Chicago last weekend to try out for the Wade Robson Project. They were looking for some dancers, Sam and Jim made it pretty far but no success =T.