"The best or nothing."

0310: Depart from Pittsburgh
0820: Arrive at Livingston
0900: Depart Livingston
1110: Arrive at Raceway Park

Oh yeah, it was so worth it. MB sure knows how to treat people. If you have the chance, go check out the C-Spot Drive Party. The lines were quick, got to go on each of the courses a few times, can a C-class AMG really beat the M3 in straight line acceleration and braking? They ran the two against each other a few times, but wondering if it's for real. I had no respect for the C-coupe until getting behind one today. That thing handles so well! And the food, omg the food was great, they had sushi, steak wraps, chicken wraps anything you could think of, it was there. Mazda's Rev-It Up is next Saturday, and I'm going to try to attend the BMW one in Pittsburgh even though it conflicts with my training schedule.

After getting back to Livingston, I went over to Borders and picked up that magazine I've been looking for (15% off since it was in such bad shape). A one-shot publication about Flash MX, I saw it there a few weeks ago, last copy, all ripped up. I tried finding it at two B&N's and a Borders in Pittsburgh, no luck. Not much money spent today, but man I had fun.

Some great reading material here sent to me by Sagar.

More screen shots and some other interesting material on Spider-Man 2: Link1, Link2.

You know if my parents had pushed me to do this rather than go play the piano or violin, I could have done something with my life. This photo cracks me up, and Mentos had the best caption for it: "GODDAMNIT DAD!!! YOU *@**#%)($ SCREWED ME OVER WIT THE WRONG TIRES!!! I HATE YOU!!!"

And as if my father read these things... happy birthday to my old man who will be arriving in the states in no less than 24 hours.