All of the animals except man know that the principal business of life is to enjoy it.

Alumni BBQ was a blast, thanks to Tonka and Hershey for showing us actives a great time. As always, the food never stopped coming. And this year they brought the cheese! =D. Too bad I got burnt again playing football. Now my freaking wife-beater look is even more pronounced. Click here for a photo of the CMU brothers at the BBQ (minus George since he only stayed for a few minutes... hung over from the previous night).

Random thoughts... why don't my misc.market deals ever work out? So close to getting that TV. Should have stayed in Pittsburgh to follow through with the deal. German cars suck, ML is developing crazy problems again. Grease burns suck (flying grease pan came at me during the BBQ, now I'm left with grease burns down my right side). Do they go away? Playskool needs the TSX. Saw Scott D. and Joe D. at the Y today. Joe's transferring to URI, Scott's at Montclair, still looking into the Navy. Guinea pigs make the weirdest noises, why the hell did my bro name his, Oreo? Hamsters pull off some pretty funny poses. If I could, I'd replace my left arm with a bionic one, elbow hurts, ganglion on the wrist, sprained wrist, bad rotator cuff. The new Spider-Man rocks, I love the character movement, style... awesome. I wish I could be done with all my projects so I could start on the CMU Lambdas site... peace.