Zen and the Hamster Wheel

I'm staring at Tyson (I think that's his name, my brother's fifth hamster) and wondering what the hell is going through his mind when he's running on that wheel of his. Does he actually think he's getting somewhere? Sure looks like it, he stops periodically and scouts his surrounding before hopping back on. Couldn't find much information on it, so check this thread for some plausible ideas.

Back home after my 9 hour Amtrak ride to Penn Station. Thanks to Chewy for waking up at the crack of dawn to drive me to the station. Checked on my jury duty and it turns out that it has been cancelled. No need for me to report. Great... love how efficient our judicial system is. Wasted my $88. All good though, I'm home for my mother's birthday.

So what's going on for the next four days? Gonna go to lift tomorrow, big whoop, then out for dinner for my mother's birthday. Friday I think I'll head into the city to meet up with Tomo and Co. to go museum hopping (hopefully this actually goes through). Saturday I'm gonna help Manu ref a female youth group football game then back to the city on Sunday. Again, anyone that needs anything from the city, let me know.