It is the fight alone that pleases us, not the victory.

Interesting first day back at the Pittsburgh Submission Fighters Club last night. Saw two old heads, and everyone else was new including the guys I brought (Tweek, Brandon, De and Eddy). Hell, even saw my IT coworker Travis there, long limbs... fights like a damn spider always gotta watch out for where his long limbs are coming at you from. Got my ass kicked by Jim twice, I don't think I've ever won a match against him in the 40 or so matches we've had. Maybe one, but even so, that was probably a lucky win. Looks like I'm going back tonight to match up with Grunden since I didn't get to fight him last night while he was teaching the other guys.

Pittsburgh is kind of dead now without Chewy or Elmo around. Hahaha, Chewy had to go back to the city for the peepee violation. LOL. Elmo hopped along for the ride for the hell of it. No gayness (Chewy) and tlc (Elmo) in the house while they are gone. Mole and Fallout (does he have a real xanga, and not this one that Douche made?) are going to be back in Pittsburgh soon.

Received the books I ordered from Amazon today, Iris Chang's The Chinese In America and Erika Lee's At America's Gates. Still have to finish A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, but I'm starting to grow tired of it, it's not the usual Sci-Fi I read or on a topic that I want to read about. Then there's Rich Dad Poor Dad, an easy read which I'll finish when Chewy gets back and of course Divine Nine which I sort of lost interest in half way through the book when some of the reasons for founding the various houses were at best questionable.

Sometime between the hours of 7am and 2pm today, my order for the Canon S400 camera got cancelled. So now I have a bunch of memory cards, the leather case and no camera. Wish they had just cancelled everything instead of the one item that I probably wanted the most. Rob and I never received a confirmation for the projectors we ordered so it looks as though that didn't go through as well.

Jumping on another deal, ordered the Roces London In-Lines and Asics Intensity wrestling shoes. Haven't received confirmation for them, but hoping this one actually goes through. My old wrestling shoes, haven't held up too well in my post wrestling activities. And as for the blades, sick how far technology has come. Back in the days when I bladed, I bought Boss ABEC5 bearings for around $70 or so, now these $100 blades I just picked up includes ABEC7's! I have no idea what company manufactures these bearings for Roces. So these could actually be worse than Boss bearings with a lower ABEC rating. Wonder what kind of spacers they have, if anything I'm gonna grab the aluminum ones I have in my old blades back at home. Anybody want to explore the Three Rivers parks on blades?