Children are natural mimics who act like their parents despite every effort to teach them good manners.

My little vacation at home is about over. I will be leaving for Pittsburgh in a few hours, another 9 hour trip to look forward to. So anything of note from these past four days? Everyone catch that awesome Dell deal? 15% + 15% + 5% discount? Ordered the Canon S400 digital camera, two 256mb Kingston compact flash cards and also ordered the Dell 3200MP projector (father approved a home theatre system, anyone have experience with the various equipment I must order to build one?). Haven't received a confirmation for the projector, I doubt any of these orders are going to go through, read in some of the forums that the extra 15% is a server error. So come Monday we'll see if we get the cancellation notices or not. Also going to order a Mazda 6 for the little brother (let's see how good I am with car salesman, been reading up on all the car buying tips websites) and I've been trying to convince my father to get the new Range Rover by taking advantage of this tax act.

Chilled with two goddesses on Friday, Kali, the Goddess of Death and Athena the Goddess of Wisdom (duuuuude she reminds me so much of Dory). We met up with Tomo, his friends and Bort (weirdo was too cheap to pay the $5 so he just bounced) at the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum. Then later that night ate dinner with my old friend Jeff whom I've known since kindergarden and then watched one of his hockey games at Chelsea Piers.

Saturday was a bit different, helped my football buddy Manu ref his team's football game. Northeast finals, NJ vs. Maryland in female flag football (some big Church thing). Man talk about shitty reffing, I blew so many calls hahaha, his team ended up winning, and man girls play rough. The other refs and I purposely set the field up so that there were mud pits near the sides (hey, the entire field was wet) and during the course of the game a few girls took a dive in there, images of the Miller Lite commercial went through my head, Great Taste! Less Filling! or whatever they say). It was supposed to rain that day so I was all dressed in sweats, had to strip down to a tank top since the sun came out and ended up getting burned. Ugh... not a comfortable feeling I must say. Oh there was also a dance competition I judged, NJ whooped Maryland in that for real, the football game was close, but not the dance competition. That night, my uncle and his family came up, everyone gathered around my old 19" Hitachi monitor to watch Hero (divx) since I couldn't connect it to my TV. How ghetto huh? That's what prompted my father to okay the budget for a home theatre system. So sly am I. ;]

Anyway, just got back from chilling in the city today, hung around with Mike and Wei (old PS 130 friends) and then ate dinner with my family. And now I must pack for the trip back to Pittsburgh. What awaits me on this journey? Probably nothing as usual. "So what brings you to the EAC on such a fine day?" Ah, Finding Nemo, can never get tired of that movie. Oh and... man I'm so lucky to have such hard working parents. They busted their asses so my siblings and I can live the good life. What to do after I graduate huh? Study in China, maybe Hotel Management at Cornell? Go on that cross country bike trip? Work as an intern at NBC (Cathy makes it sound so good!). So free to explore... thanks mom and dad. If I could give you two eProps, I would.