Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?

I am cool! Everyone admit it! Check out Buddy Zoo, according to their statistics, I am ranked 902 of 4425242 individuals in AIM buddylist popularity. Okay, considering how my life is these days, believe me, this is a win for me. =D. After a quick review, the only person close to my AIM popularity is Deeez Nutz with a score of 1075. Thanks to Bea for hooking me up with this link.

In previous years, I would have been done with all my school work, and would most likely be home by this time. However, things have changed this past year. I'm actually staying in Pittsburgh for the summer, and I don't totally hate the idea. Weird how things change. It's been a while since I've last written, and there's much to write about so let me be brief.

Rolling back, tonight was our chapter's first End of the Year Banquet. Had a really good time, the food was amazing and the company was great. Thanks to everyone for attending, to the brothers that couldn't make it, it's all good, we'll see you guys at convention and most of all to George our VP Internal and founder for putting it all together. If I told you how much the Betas spent on their gifts for their PD, you would all be gunning for the position hehehe. Let me just tell you this, if the gifts go at the rate they have been going, from Charters to Alphas to Betas, the Delta class will be going over four digits for their PD present. SICK! We also gave out superlatives, they'll be posted on the new website once I get around to designing it, but among the ones that I won this year, sadly I received the "Coming Out of the Closet" award... in recognition of the dedication and commitment it takes to constantly grab everyone's ass." Shi... so tonight at the chilling session at the house, I made sure I was earning my title. Bastards... oh also watched Matrix (a refresher before we all head out to watch it next week) with mad people in Chewy's room.

Studio's a bitch, but it's finally over. Received a C, which I'm pretty thankful for, considering how much I hated and avoided it this semester. Damn, so glad that crap is over. Handed in my Advanced Building final project today, basically threw some drawings together just to hand in. My grade will probably drop to a C in that class as well, but whatever. Still have International Management and Furniture Design and Construction to worry about. Think the only A I will be getitng this semester is in Urban Design. Specials thanks to Sergio, Shipei and everyone else who dragged me through studio this year =T.

Received two emails from Computing Services inquiring about my bandwidth usage. Starting to think... staying on campus is not worth it anymore. Really, what's the point? I should just live at one of the houses, receive a parking spot and everything. Oh by the way, my car got towed the other day during my review downtown. Had to pay off all my tickets, so the BMW now has a clean Pittsburgh record. At least the bastards can't track down the ML tickets.

A belated thank you to all the brothers and friends who attacked me on my birthday... TWICE. Broke my glasses, lost the clip to my cell phone, lost an earring... my clothes still stained. I welcome it... really, next year please go for it again, but this time I'm going to start throwing punches to see how many of you bastards I can take down before I go down =T. Speaking of birthdays, we haven't gotten George yet for his birthday last week, and Mass' birthday is during convention. How sad is that? He is going to get so messed up... oooh boy.