It isn't the burden of today that drives us mad, it is the regret of yesterday and the fear of tomorrow. Regret and fear are twin thieves who rob of us of today.

Just came back from the RA Banquet at the University Place. It was long, and boring and I was going on 3 hours of sleep. To keep you all entertained here are some videos of this year's performances.

First, we have a collection of Lunar Gala 2003 videos. One of our dance performance, and two trailers created from the practices. I'm in the dance this year... really =T just can't see me that's all.
Lunar Gala 2003 Dance (380mb .mov)
Lunar Gala 2003 Trailer (53.5mb .mov)
Lunar Gala 2003 Trailer 2 (34.7mb .mov)

Next up we have some Greek related videos, the first is of our step performance for Dancers Symposium. Not as clean cut as the step for Culture Night, but still fun, didn't anticipate so much audience reaction and noise levels. Last video is a trailer for Greek Sing 2003, we didn't participate (too much money and planning involved for now), but check out how far the Greeks go...
Dancers Symposium LPhiE (69.3mb .mov)
Greek Sing 2003 Trailer

Props to 21 Productions for putting all these videos together. Since it's hosted off one of their servers, don't know how long they will be up for. They may go down at anytime!