Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

My my my, amazing the amount of stuff you can find to occupy your time when your studio project is due for midsemester crits in less than 12 hours, and when you haven't even started the 15 page paper that is due at the same time.

Still waiting quite anxiously for news of whether or not I was accepted into the China Synergy program. But for now, I already have something to look forward to in August. No... not RA training, Orientation or even Gamma Rush, but the Mazda Rev It Up driving event. If anyone is interested in participating, Rob, Rommel, Bry, Rob's Beta bro, Jonlin and I all signed up for the 8/2/03 session in NY, group 26 which starts at 1:20pm.

In more car related news, photos of the Lamborghini Murcielago's baby brother, the Lamborghini Gallardo has been released. Overall I like the design, but for some awful reason, the Cadillac CTS came to mind when I saw those brake lights. Audi's on a roll, well their parent company is, with the Lambo release and now the Audi Nuvolari concept. For some reason I love those brake lights, the grill is pretty hot and the headlights, well the LEDs as stated in the article offers so many possibilities.

I can't believe Pittsburgh is rated almost as high as NYC in this best cities of the world ranking. It's pretty sad that the highest US city 'San Francisco' is ranked 20th overall in the world. Hong Kong surprisingly was really down there at 70, Guangzhou the closest urban center to my father's hometown is ranked 140.

Now for the technology section, Sony Ericsson has released the follow up to my current phone, the T610, the T68i's replacement. Pretty freaking hot... too bad I'm too broke to afford another phone at this point, but no matter, my T68i is holding up pretty well. They also released the successor to the T300, the T310. In other Sony news, the Sony Playstation 3 is supposed to be more powerful than 100 P4 chips or, 1000 x the performance of the PS2. Hmmm, don't know whether or not to praise Sony or mock them, they just raised the expectations for the PS3 to such high levels, it's going to be a disappointment when they can't meet the hype. Lastly, another new PDA from Sony, the Sony PEG-TG50.

Two videos for all of you, the first, a stupid gay one but it's funny, sent to me by Bry, Greek Whinin' 2 (rap). The second, is the second installment of the Animatrix series. You can grab it off here, the highest quality version is around 150mb.

Still looking for a good bike deal! If anyone sees a decent 'last year's model' bike on closeout/sale, let me know! Tomorrow, heading to Tau chapter, then back home to Jersey to visit Rutger's and then back to Tau and CMU where I can get cracking on my International Management presentation for that Monday. Life is so wonderful...