"We live in a world in which we need to share responsibility. It's easy to say 'It's not my child, not my community, not my world, not my problem.' Then there are those who see the need and respond. I consider those people my heroes."

Mister Rogers passed away earlier this morning. For those of you who don't know he hosted the popular show Mister Roger's Neighborhood, a show along the ranks of Sesame Street, 3-2-1 Contact, Reading Rainbow and Ghost Writer. Amazing how many articles have been written in the span of a few hours.

Already tonight there will be a Tribute to Mister Fred Rogers. For Carnegie Mellon students, WQED is broadcasting the tribute from 7:30pm to 10:00pm at the McConomy Auditorium in the UC.

New Autospies is out, the Skyline GT-R looks like total crap, what happened to the design cues from the G35 Coupe?

Car Pictures: For all you car fanatics out there, a site dedicated to quality photos of all cars.

Check out this awesome amateur video of a light saber battle. The high quality .mov file can be downloaded here or here. Looks better than anything George Lucas has conjured up so far.

So apparently, I live in the 5th richest town in America, which I find hard to believe. Why? Because there are definitely a good portion of average wage earners in my town. I guess the people living in the Bel Air section drove our average up. What I don't get is why Alpine or Short Hills isn't named here. How about those people living near Hollywood? Fruit Loops is from the 7th richest town according to the list and Sam is from the 17th richest town (or he used to be).

Holy SH!T, Face-Off for real!