To follow up on the Urban Decay: Pittsburgh discussion from a few days ago, this article on the Pacific Northwest is pretty interesting, shows how urban centers can succeed.

An awesome display of coding. I haven't given much thought on the impending war, but it seems as though the popular stance is to be against it. It's pretty cool reading all the statements from people around the country.

In other cool news, seems like there may be a genetic mutation that promotes a longer life. "The selection of the C150T mutation in centenarians suggests that it may promote survival."

This snow sculpture puts everything else to shame. The entire Simpsons family... instant classic.

The new Matrix cell phone looks like total crap. Whatever happened to function over form? This thing looks like a regular phone with some unecessary moldings added to it. I love Samsung and all, but they need to work on their designs.

Such a pessimistic world we live in today, but at least I have all this technology around me to brighten my day. Wish I had the money to afford all these gadgets. I bet this LCoS projection TV by Toshiba would look awesome in my room.

Two videos for your viewing pleasure, the first I think is an awesome idea, we should get all the iFS people to put on mascot costumes for the dance next year. Their breaking/dancing looks pretty good, even in the costumes. The second, a well done video of furniture sex.