That Super Bowl Terry Tate commercial is the bomb! Check it out: Reebok: Terry's World. "You can't bring that weak ass stuff up into this humpty bumpty... you kill the jo....you make some mo... you know that baby, otherwise you're in for a long day.....A LONG DAY....cause triple T is up in this BITCHHHHHH... WHOOOOOOAAAAA !!!" And my favorite line... read the quote above! Can't wait to get back on the football field and use that line hehehe.

Also check out the new Animatrix videos from The Matrix, the first one can be downloaded here: Large Version (140mb), Medium Version (90mb).

Oh and lastly, check out Eray's Xanga for the kicking Lunar Gala posters! Tomorrow is the second and probably the last day to buy your tickets! Go get them in the UC! You can also check out previous dance performances over at DJ Slim's site.