Update: OMFG. This goddamn girl just borrowed my phone and is giving shit to Campus Police because she wants a ride home and Campus Police won't give her a ride. This is the type of people I want to put through a wall. It's FREAKING SNOW. Get over it... if you are lazy as hell and don't want to trudge through it... go find some room on campus to sleep in. Spoiled brats... how the hell are these people brought up?

Frustrated as all hell right now. And it's not even about my personal or family life, not about friends or acquaintances, hell it's not even about school because I've had no time to get to that point. Just stress related to the organizations I belong to or work for. Oh and it doesn't help that my freaking laptop just froze before when I had an entire entry written out already. When things go awry, it sort of just feeds on each other and escalates.

I think... what I need to do is repledge. In the past week or so, I've found myself moving away from the ideals I swore to live by as a pledge and now a brother. Reflects negatively on myself, and the fraternity, but it feels as thought the world is coming down on me and no matter what I do, or the few brothers that have been very supportive do, the negatives just overwhelms everything. How good must it feel to put someone through a wall? Because that's been my fantasy/dream for the past week. The Greek system as a whole has been disappointing lately, funny how things can change so much from what it was originally intended to accomplish, but I guess that's what keeps it alive, the dynamic aspects of it and the ability for change. And so apparently Friday night, to cut a long story short, a couple of brothers from a fraternity on campus, came into my residential hall and messed up someone on the third floor. Heard they used the fire extinguisher and everything else they could get their hands on, got blood everywhere. On top of that, the CMU Police was of no help as always. Of course this is all second or third hand information, so I may not be getting the complete picture. The few that care... we are on a sinking ship. We can try holding everything up and perhaps steer things around, but you can only put so much energy into it before you have to make the decision of letting go or sinking with it. Ah... crazy talk, I'm just tired, stressed, frustrated. Just need some time to sleep on it and to think things through... discipline baby... just had to vent that's all. Greek life in general is an ideal vision... just gotta keep the faith

So, Lunar Gala came and went... don't know why, must be the fact that it's the fourth time I've been a part of it. Just didn't really get into it at all. Probably wasn't the show itself because I do believe this has been the best show that I've been part of. Maybe it was just the fact that I was tired and stressed from the previous week. Or because of some visitors that dropped by and gave everyone a hard time. Haven't really made a decision yet, but with all the old heads graduating... Sam, Pam, Steve, Erika, Slim's not returning... I question the value of returning for next year's show. I'm sort of interested in running for the PR position, but in terms of getting up on stage again, that's something I'll have to decide later on. The group of dancers this year were pretty amazing, everyone worked pretty hard, and Sam didn't have to really raise his voice much at all. Guess we had some responsible people this time around. And as for the rest of the show, it felt the same way, a lot of verterans were part of it, Eray never had to really bitch out on anyone... though everything was so smooth, you kinda miss that 'x' factor, the uneasiness, the tension... guess that's what makes things interesting.

Crazy amount of snow... perhaps getting a RWD isn't such a great idea after all. It is during days like today where I'm thankful for AWD. "Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell declared a state of emergency for the entire state Sunday night. Driving was deemed hazardous and only allowed in emergency situations." It looks as though everything is closed... but Carnegie Mellon. I read somewhere that CMU has cancelled classes once in the past 10 years. Hopkins cancelled classes last time when there was a snow storm, Rutgers already cancelled for tomorrow... damnit CMU... cancel! I didn't get a chance to go into studio yet to work on my project!

I apologize for such a negative post, but sometimes it feels as though the world is going under. But to brighten up everyone's day, check out Elmo's Xanga!