Leave it to the young'ins to bring out the Christmas spirt in you. Haven't had so much fun with the family in so long. You wouldn't believe the amount of effort it took to get the torso onto the foundation of the body. We tried lifting it, using a huge shovel as leverage and then finally we gave up and built a snow ramp to roll the torso up. This was the only decent photo, leave that to my mother, all the photos I took had huge drops of snow covering everyone, my mother had the sense to wipe the lens down first. Anyway, hope everyone is having a great time spending Christmas with their family and loved ones... there's a feeling of warmth in me I haven't felt in a while... =D. Oh and I'm not the only dork flashing a sign there, my brother's got his Pi sign going on over his heart, just that his gloves matches his jacket so you can't see it. I was trying to get my little cousin Kevin to throw out some fobby peace signs hehehe... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

So my uncle walked into my room this morning... was asking why I didn't bring home any ladies. I told him I didn't have the time and I repel ladies very easily. So he starts call me a fag yelling that I'm gay in the house. Got in a fracas (SAT word!) with him, then he starts saying how he could kick my ass and that I was no match for him... damn old man I'm gonna teach him a lesson one of these days.

Lastly, a Christmas present from me to all of you, all five of you who read this blogger. Gun Bound is basically an updated version of Scorched Earth, it's a 90mb initial download and you are going to have to know some Korean, otherwise you might want to set aside some time to figure out what buttons mean what. It took me half a day to figure out how to register. Thanks to RM for hooking me up.