Go Go Gadget ___ !

Sweet! I may have just found a replacement for my Kodak DC265 digital camera. Check this bad boy out, the Kyocera Finecam S3. It's the size of a cigarette box but sports the following: 2x optical, 2x digital (not that this crap matters), and takes photos at a whopping 3 megapixels (high resolution for such a small size). The reviews over at Epinions aren't too bad. Kyocera also makes a couple of other models in the three series, the S3L which sports a 3x optical and the S3X which is supposed to be a little slimmer but those two cost considerably more. My how technology has progressed. I paid almost a thousand for the DC265 when it first came out and now this tiny Kyocera can be had for $350, or $250 refurbished at J&R. Logitech also manufactures a small camera, the Pocket Digital but the CMOS only captures at 640x480 and has no flash or LCD screen to view images, the same exact specs as my MCA-20 digital camera add-on for the SE T68. Chewy's camera offers a bit more competition, the Casio Exilim is a 2 megapixel camera with flash encased in an unbelievably thin body. It also comes with a very nice looking cradle and like the Kyocera, uses SD media which my Portege happens to accept. Last on the list is Hannah's Sony U Cyber Shot. It's the smallest camera of the lot, but is thicker than the Logitech or Exilim. The specs aren't too laudable either with a 1.3 megapixel CCS and no zoom. It does have an LCD and flash though. And I've already invested some money in memory stick media for my PDA which it like all Sony products uses. So if I were to buy an ultra portable camera now? It would probably go for the Kyocera followed by Chewy's and then the Canon Powershots. Don't think I could settle for the Logitech or Sony... =T. Hey XMas is coming up! Ahem!!! My how I love gadgets.

Remember the pretty Korean woman (Shin Mina) @ the World Cup matches this summer? Looks like her album: Rendezvous is now available.

Check this flash game called Yinwu out. It's a pretty intense action game. Controls aren't that great and the speed could use a boost, but for a flash game, it's pretty deep.