For centuries, China had not only the largest population, but also the most advanced economy and the strongest army on earth. It saw itself as the Hegemon, the ever-expanding central power around which the world revolved.

Nine comments! Count them, nine! I am the freaking man. Okay maybe not... I've seen some Xangas with double digit comments on every post. I'm just not that cool. But hell, nine is awesome in my book, and to think most of them were from females. That's right I'm a hit with the ladies! (btw, please don't rain on my parade).

Just reviewed the grades from this past semester again. Straight B's. Six classes, missed midterms week and the week before that due to my sudden departure/break (yo the bill was $28k+), 63 units and the only 18 unit course, I was given an opportunity to bump that grade up to an A if I finish my model next semester. Not bad, especially for Architecture.

I started planning out my summer, applied for the China Synergy program. Have to go get recommendations and gather some other documents now. I went to China this past summer and didn't have that great of a time, so why go again? I've been to China three times already and during those three visits I was always stuck in hicksville. It was only during this past visit that I ventured north to Shanghai. So anyway, anyone keeping tabs on the Three Gorges Dam project on the Yangzi River? In short the location is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Next to the New Zealand shots you all saw in LOTR =]. Once the dam is completed the area will be flooded. According to Mass the water level has already been rising so I should get over there as soon as possible to check the place out before it is lost forever. Oh and go check Dilbert's old blogger for some kick ass photos of China. I want to hold a baby Panda in my arms, climb some mountains, check out the Great Wall and all that jazz! And there's a chance I may be going to China for some schooling and eventually work, so now's the time to do some research! Back to the dam, there's a lot of controversy going on, but my opinion (which doesn't count for much), forget the past, the relics buried there will stay buried, just under a ton of water now, the environmental pros and cons will balance each other out. The dam will mark the beginning of China's final push into the modern age. The US killed off all their large forests, what gives them the right to tell Brazil to stop and to criticize China's decision on plugging up the river? Dilbert described the dam project as the Wild West of China, 250,000 workers, and a small city just to support them. How awesome must that be?! I'm so there!