Don't go through life, GROW through life.

There's a dead pixel on my laptop. ARGGGHHH!!! It's right in the middle too, well middle vertically and to the left horizontally. OMFG I hate Toshiba!

Checked my snail mail upon my return home and what did I get? Not only are the spam emails bad enough, but I got snail mail directed to "To Our Single Friend." Sure go ahead, rub it in. What has My Sassy Girl done to me... I feel the need to have a girl around to keep me on point, kick my ass when I step out of line and to run my life. All in exchange for those moments where I can go for a walk with someone or sit there hours on end holding onto each other reading a book or watching the tube. Hmmm, oh wait, maybe I can just go get a dog. Less maintenance =D (putting on flame suit). My mind is telling me to go one way, and the whatchamacallit in the chest is telling me to go another. Oh on that note, where the hell did people make a connection between the emotion: love and the organ: heart, is it from the heart racing? So yeah, if I were to make a chart comparing the pros and cons of each, mind definitely wins... cool, glad I got this off my chest, now onto more exciting and relevant stuff, let's not speak of this again.

So another semester has come and gone, no time for reflection yet. So instead of taking the time to digest the semester and recap, let's just rewind a few days. Hmmm... many thanks to SPAM and crew for getting all the LOTR tickets for the brothers and friends. Not a bad movie, not a great movie, but definitely more entertaining than the first one. At one point I wanted to join the Orci. It was the scene where they were all in front of that fortress. No fear man... In other news, my court date in Pittsburgh sucked. I got there a bit late and sat in the front row listening in on all the other cases. After hearing the outcome of the first few, I was about to get up and leave. But figured, hell I woke up and drove all the way down here, might as well stick it out and by chance I might make my case heard. So... it was my turn, and the judge basically stated that the 'Accutrac' stopwatch, margin of error for the police officer clicking the stopwatch and the calculations done by the officer are all worthy evidence in court. I was about to question the calculations and thought to myself, in a previous case the person admitted to driving 17-18mph, not the 25mph stated on the ticket in a 15mph zone. It was to my understanding that if the speed recorded does not sync at all, then the person should be innocent right? So even if you did admit to going 17-18mph in a 15mph zone the judge shouldn't be able to charge you with that since you did in fact not go the 25mph the police officer recorded. In addition, I guess in Pittsburgh the cops don't have to be there because there was an officer by the judge the entire time and she was used as the stand in for the cop. Damn speed traps, nothing but money makers for the city. I hate Pittsburgh... so I guess this is around 10 points on my license... there goes any chance of getting a car. Oh and on the subject of cars, I saw a couple of 350Z's, they look much larger in person. And the new 7-series are all over the place now... check Autospies seems as though there is a $25k tax break or whatever for buying trucks/suvs over 3 tons.

After leaving Pittsburgh, I went straight to Brookyln to drop Chewy off, stayed there for the night headed out to the city with Elmo the next day. Bummed around until dinner with the brothers, boba afterwards and finally Eternity. Next day, woke up, had dim sum with the bros. then finally bounced home to NJ. I have to plan this better in the future. Make it a dinner/Eternity/sleep-over/dim-sum event every winter break. So off to Eternity, mad packed... by packed I mean disgustingly packed. It took you a few minutes just to get to the other side of the room and I swear I think everyone came out of that party with bruises and what not. Too many freaking people. Alpa Beta needs to get a bigger venue every year. Why does everyone think the CMU Charter class just crossed? I just waived it off that night thinking they probably meant the Alphas, or that some if not most of the bros were drunk or buzzed, but I had the hardest time convincing Bloodshot (Cornell) the following afternoon that we crossed last semester. Either he was messing around with me or he was still recovering from the Eternity Party. I guess as some would say, CMU Charters will be neophytes forever.

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