Christmas List! For those in the shopping mode, MSN Holiday Rewards are back!

Attainable items I want, once I get my pay checks in!
-Toshiba e335 PocketPC $245 (AR & Coupon).
-Logitech MX500 $30 (AR) or MX300 $17 (AR).
-PSU: Leadman/Powmax 400W $20 or L&C 350W $19 (more powerful PSU so I can add more HD's and a DVD drive to the server =D).
-New sneakers (since Hype jacked my Adidasser's), maybe it's time to try out New Balance, ditch Adidas? 30% off coupon @ Footlocker.

Things I most likely won't get:
-Sony KP-51WS500 51" Hi-Scan 1080i® 16:9 Projection Television for $1919.10 shipped.
-Skyline r34, or a JDM Skyline 250GT 4WD will do. If Santa is really nice, he'll dig into his pockets and get me the G35 GT-R (although it doesn't exist yet). If all else fails, I'll settle for a G35c =D.

Hmmm, if I spend my money on the plane ticket to Mid-Year and car rentals there... damn it's gonna wipe me out. Need to find another job! DA and FCNY Consulting doesn't cut it anymore!


Less than 12 hours to go before my critique. Stupid 3-D model crashed on me twice already, so taking a quick break before this final stint. Found some more videos for all of you to watch.

-War on Terrorism mirror1 mirror2.
-WRX, Z28, Altima in snow, after watching this, looks like I might really need 4WD/AWD. Guess my hopes for a G35 have yet again hit another stumbling block. Well until the middle of next year anyway, when the AWD system hopefully debuts in the states.

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