Auto Spies (12/06/03)

Damn my gimped-ass state. Noticed it in the past two weeks, due to my lack of exercise, I am unable to effectively pull all nighters anymore. This totally sucks. So to keep me awake, I did some automobile reading for the past 30 minutes.

Before jumping into the auto news, check out this AudiWorld thread, it snowed today, whoopdeedoo. Over at Hopkins, classes were cancelled and Rob decided to go and have some fun in his car. I need a car damnit! A JDM 2.5 liter Skyline with the 4WD system would be nice! So what if it has less power, that means less tickets!!!

This week's issue of AutoSpies is out. Merging the information from there and various other websites, seems like the entire automotive world is going AWD. And I totally dig that! Reskinned LS430, next generation GS series and the new Nissan Maxima will all carry an AWD option. So why in the world did Nissan/Infiniti decide not to bring over the 4WD system they currently emply in the Japanese version of the Skyline/G35? (click on the 250GT Four tab, then the 4WD System button) Think I read somewhere that they were having problems mating the larger 3.5 liter engine to the system, which is why you only see the 4WD option offered on the 2.5 liter. On the subject of the Skyline/G35, check out this page with information and photos of the STAGEA, I totally dig wagons, especially sleepers like this, the WRX Wagon and the S4 Avant, but damn this wagon is mad ugly. Not sure if Nissan will bring it to the states, I think major changes are in order if they do decide to bring it over. In addition, here are some quotes from the Fresh Alloy forums regarding the G35 and AWD.

"Somebody on this board mention AWD will go in production in May and be at the dealership for July."

"Though AWD would be sweet, I don't think that's confirmed at all. Based upon the JDM Skyline, however, that's a possibility, as is an 8-speed CVT w/ paddleshifters. 6 speed manual is absolutely guaranteed, as are all of the 2003.5 updates -- notably no "square" on rear (see topic I started "2003.5 sedan w/o square"), slight price hike, and satellite radio options. Also, IMO, some interior touchups are very likely. Speculation but seems logical.
I think basically Infiniti needs to decide whether there's a market for all the goodies you can get in Japan, and then they will plan accordingly. It really won't be difficult for them to send a G35 over w/ any of the goodness that you can get on the JDM Skyline; it's all a question of demand. Based on the initial success of the G35, outlook for AWD looks pretty good in the next two years. CVT is a wildcard, though."

"heard that the coupe, is to low to be awd" (How in the world will the GT-R fit the 4WD system then?)

Lastly, below are some links regarding the G35 and GT-R from AutoExpress.

Coupe's Clue to GT-R
British Call the Tune on new GT-R