The art of living is more like wrestling than dancing, in so far as it stands ready against the accidental and the unforeseen, and is not apt to fall.

Saw an old wrestling teammate at the Y today. The life in the US Marine Corps sound so interesting. In the two and a half years he's been in it, he has basically been stationed all over the world. In a few months he'll be one of them embassy guards, location to be determined. Awesome. Good food, daily workouts and you get to travel. What the hell am I doing studying architecture in Pittsburgh?

Also got to speak with the team yesterday, saw a few old heads return for break to help coach. Wish I could jump in there but I'm not sure how far I can go with the gimp-ass leg. Seems like the only person left that is wrestling competitively is Devlin. He's ranked 9th in the country right now, surprised that Gardner isn't ranked first, guess that toe of his got to him. Still amazed that Karelin lost to Gardner in Sydney. Harris is done with wrestling on the collegiate level, guess he couldn't really handle the weight cutting anymore. Trabucco blew out his knee for the third or fourth time, so his career is over. Corky dropped out of school, so no more collegiate wrestling for him as well. DiFrancisco never even started on the collegiate level. Damn... during high school they all had such bright futures. On a whim I looked up the National Rankings, was surprised that Absegami and Paulsboro are so high up, where the heck did Phillipsburgh go? And Blair... well they are Blair.

WTF my mother isn't home a day and already the house is in turmoil. She never stops complaining about life I swear to god, maybe I should get her to use Xanga. Now I know why it was so easy for me to just stay in Pittsburgh during Thanksgiving. Hmmm, can't wait to get away from the house, just that I have no place to go... so let's see, once I leave for Mid-Year @ UCLA I'll be back home on the morning of the 8th, pack haul ass back to Pittsburgh hopefully later that day and start another semester. Staying in Pittsburgh for spring break to help build the booth so I won't be back until summer vacation starts. I'll be gone most of the time with convention at NYU, the China Synergy program (if I get accepted) and anything else I can conjure up to stay away. I can't take the damn lectures, and complaints anymore. After XMas, maybe I can work at FCNY for a few days and stay in the apartment in the city... but then I won't be able to go workout at the Y or highschool... hmmm.

Just played Mah Jong with the family... got raped, didn't win a single round. Lil bro won most of it followed by my grandmother and then my sister. Had enough of the losing so I gave up my seat to my mother...