"To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders."

It's... so quiet in the suite. No one is here... no thuggish music blasting from Nutz's speakers. No gayness between Hype and the other suitemates. No arguing over the most stupid topics... for the sake of arguing. No quirky laughter coming from Erika or Tomo. And of course... no suitemate in the single room, because he's never here anyway.

So here I sit, listening to this classical music Shoutcast stream staring at my Organizational Behavior case study. Weird though, being such a KPop junkie that I'm not listening to the world's second and third ranked streams which happen to be KPop streams (I grow tired of the talking... way too much chatting by these giddy Korean girls, annoys the hell out of me, give me a KPop station that just plays the oldies).

After being MIA for a week, I finally get to pick up my laptop tomorrow. Turns out it was a defective screen that had me pulling my hair out. Anyway, Playskool being the good brother he is made me go to Marketing today in place of having lunch with Nutz and EPT at Winners. Just realized I had the worst food today, ate... a few donuts, some pretzels, a couple slices of ham, few handfuls of Cheerios and drank a bowl of soup, healthiest diet ever. But I digress... I haven't attended Marketing in a while... and on this special day, I basically just sat there day dreaming about the woodshop and our class shield, I wonder why =D...

This past weekend, poor Playskool and Sam had to drive six hours each way within a day (and that's after staying up all night) to the Poconos to attend a retreat. I wish the entire chapter was able to go, but for those that attended, it was nice being able to speak to some of the OG's. Tuesday night, all the organizations got together for a Culture Night run through, many thanks to the Step Team for putting on a fine rehearsal (I still hate you guys for kicking out the gimp though). Looking forward, it's going to be a long but interesting weekend. Much time will be spent holed up in studio pushing my project along. Saturday will be fun, a lecture by Rain Noe, then a performance by the Pacifics followed by Mr. Fraternity. Looking forward to it all, but for now, it's back to work. Peaceoutside... I leave you with the following:

Which Element Represents You?
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