Service is the rent we pay for being. It is the very purpose of life, and not something you do in your spare time.

The quotation doesn't have anything to do with the entry, but wouldn't life be great if everyone began to think in this fashion? Right, now onto the entry. What a boring night and a rush of a day. Smeggy is sitting next to me right now... IN BED. Watching season nine episode seven of Friends again, oh wait, just finished. Watching the Expression Crew takes first at the Battle of the Year 2002 B-boy competition now. Only because Smeggy wants to watch it, bastard, taking time away from my Form-Z model. But then again, I'd probably be slacking off anyway. So yesterday, all the bros. went to Playaz Ball. I wasn't there physically, but my wardrobe was certainly there. Playskool had my black slacks, Elmo had my shoes, vest and hat, Squirts had my tie, Mike Fan had my white slacks and being off topic, I just realized that Chewy still has my suit and my jersey is still in Playskool's closet. That and I'm missing my black adidas cap, my mustard colored addidas cap and most recently, my orange adidas cap. I need some more caps! Wish I still had my $40 white Lambda cap I got down in Texas.

Think today was an interesting one. Worked on my Form-Z model until 5pm then headed over to the drill deck for dance practice. The first time in a very long time, got to see some new faces, saw Winnie for the first time as an alumni. While crutching it to the drill deck, this girl ran past me in the rain, she turned her head as she was passing me, we locked eyes... we shared this special moment and then she ran right smack into someone walking towards us =P (it was raining, dark and gloomy). At 5:30pm I went over to McConomy for Rain Noe's lecture. DOH! Can't find a copy of Chewy's Rain Noe flyer online. Anyway, there were not as many people as I expected, probably because of the performance by the Pacifics that overlapped this lecture. Surprisingly, the lecture was quite entertaining although it had more to do with his trials with the ladies than the Asian-American experience. His appearance and the way he talked reminded me a lot of Beeker, our Northeast Governor. Lastly, Mr. Fraternity was a fun time, VTouch's rave for the talent portion was pretty awesome. Guess raving and breaking still isn't too mainstream yet the crowd was in awe. Props to VTouch for representing and many thanks to Den Mother Pam for helping us out so much.