"I don't want what I want and I want what I don't want and to complicate it even more right now, I don't know what I want...or don't want."

Girls make everything so complicated. This morning at around 4am or so, some Archy's and I were talking about how guys judge females, and how females judge males. I was saying how for most guys, we have two categories. Beautiful, and cute. For example, Elizabeth Hurley is beautiful, Kristen Kreuk is cute. Then there is I guess a third category where everyone else falls into? Well apparently for the ladies that were in studio at the time, there's like four or five categories for guys. Every few minutes they would add another. From what I recall, there was handsome, cute, hot... can't remember the rest. Anyway, the point of this is... why do you females have to make everything so complicated!?