You never lose by loving. You always lose by holding back.

Can someone please help my bro/roommate Nutz? Seems as though something has been gnawing at him, changing him. Looks as though he's a little SF right now. Is there a girl on his mind? Well whoever it is out there, please please please do something about it. He's been changing... he's not living up to his name anymore, Deeez Nutz? More like What Nutz? =D. Anyway, yeah so I'm sitting here typing up this stuff, and he's listening to some sappy music. What happened to the bass? What happened to the rap? Yes, Nutz is now a guuuurrrrrlllly man. Sad... so sad...

Apparently one of the actors in the Saturn Vue commercial is a CMU School of Drama alumni. That's correct folks, had an email conversation with him recently. Saw one of my posts in the bulletin boards discussing the commercial. What a coincidence huh?