When facing a difficult task,
act as if you cannot fail.

Have been meaning to write, but everytime I have something to communicate, I'm not in front of a computer. Guess I should write in my sketchbook like I used to.

Observations Today:

Received my Portege 2000 today after a week long wait, it's one sweet looking laptop. Too bad there's no firewire and I wish it had a faster processor, but I guess this is what I get for going for the slim form factor. If anyone else is looking for a slim laptop, check out this model from Sharp, although the reviews haven't been very tolerant of the faults, understand that it's a slim laptop and you will no doubt trade performance for portability. It's not bad at around $1000 either, almost $600 less than what I paid for the Portege. On a side note, I went around looking for a mouse for the laptop and will you look at these models from Logitech! Looking at these products makes me wish I was an Industrial Design major. By the way, Buy.com destroys Amazon.com, the prices were lower at Buy.com and they have free shipping on most items whereas Amazon.com only has free shipping on orders over $25. I filled out three price challenges over at Amazon, waiting to see if they'll be lowering their prices.

Also received my Orinoco Gold Wireless card today (shipped overnight for free), will be used for the times where the WiFi in the Portege doesn't cut it. Just to show you how technology has progressed in the past few years, I bought my first wireless card (the Orinoco Silver) back when CMU first installed the wireless network. I picked up a second hand card for $80 while everyone else was paying a whopping $150 at the store. Two years later, the Gold card (128 bit over 64 bit encryption) was sent overnight to me for just $54. I wish I could go into the future to buy all my gadgets. But then... how far would I go, and would I even bother coming back? Lastly, in the mail today, I also received our Pledge Dad and Tau Chapter gifts. Laptop, WiFi card, fraternity gifts, feels like Christmas!

Today was to be the second of our two back to back challenging games of the season. Last night we defeated ACF 28-6, and today, we mercy ruled Sig Nu. Undefeated baby! Anyway, Fan got elbowed in the throat and Brian got tackled after he was already downed. Sig Nu (ZOO) are a bunch of dirty flag football players.

My line brothers are a bunch of weirdos or nerds more like it. I walked into Chateau Lambda and saw Squirts and Sam having another heated debate, so I went up to them and listened in while speaking to Chewy. Would any of you like to guess as to what they were arguing about? I'm pretty sure that at other more 'normal' chapters they would be talking about cars, or girls. My brothers were arguing about viruses (AIDS) and the viable transportation methods of such organisms. Bio major pitted against ChemE major, I didn't bother to stick around for the remainder of their debate.

My 4am-8am shift is now drawing to a close and I haven't even touched my studio work. Guess I better get cracking on it. Peaceoutside! I leave you with this (a forum member asking for server access, brings a smile to my face). Access granted!

Can I get access to your site? My IP is xx.xx.xxx.xx. Thanks! BTW, "bandwidth provided by Carnegie Mellon University, worst institution ever..." --I agree. I'm a 2001 CS grad. CMU sticks it to you whenever they get the chance.